Hestra Gloves – A Hometown Family Business

We’ve had to put up with crap gloves for far too long. Probably black acrylic ones. Possibly with a tick-like swoosh from a big chain sports store. They bobble quickly because they’re crap. They don’t keep your fingers warm. They look crap. And you’ve lost one.

Not this year.

Designed and developed in the Swedish town that bears its name, Hestra are a family-run business that have become synonymous with gloves. Glove cutting is a real artisan skill – today, there are fewer than a 100 practising glove cutters in the world. And only two can be found in Sweden – Anton and Niklas Magnusson, fourth generation family members of the Hestra family business.


We’ve picked some of the best pieces from their Sport Classic range which derives inspiration from the wild and unrestrained characteristics of the great Swedish outdoors, utilising Nordic Elk Leather and North American White Tailed Deer.

Hestra Gloves come in a range of sizes, so you can get the perfect fit.The size of the Hestra range is measured in British Inches. Measure the circumference around your palm at its widest point as in the diagram and then compare to the chart below. And then never, ever get cold fingers again.



Size 8 (Small) – 198-222mm

Size 9 (Medium) – 223-248

Size 10 (Large) – 248-260mm


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