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Size Guide

Due to each brand having it?s own respective size guide we do not publish a generic one. We will try and give as much information on sizing on the individual product page, alongside some general rules for the brand. If, for instance, we are listing a heritage brand that is very slim-fitting, we'll point it out for you. We know, in particular, jeans can be tough to buy online - so we have a specific size guide with each jean style listing various measurements to help you. Basic features, such as weight, wash, zip or button fly, and origin may be listed and we always state the exact material used in the jean, so you know if there is any stretch or "give" in it. The amount of returns we receive for our denim lines is incredibly small, so we think we are getting our descriptions about right, but of course if you need a little more detail get in touch. Footwear sizing can vary significantly between brands, so we list the UK/EU/US sizes of each item we sell. If a shoe comes up narrow, we'll give you the heads up. You can, of course, always contact us for further information on info@thirtysixstore.co.uk